People have been making and molding glass since 3000 B.C.. The process of making and molding glass into things was particularly popular in many parts of Egypt and Mesopotamia. To them, glass was about as precious and valuable as gems. In order to make the glass, they would gather molten sand and other ingredients that could be found in nature. The molders would then proceed to execute this difficult and expensive process known as glass molding. It was not until about 30 B.C. in Rome that the glass molding process and name changed for the better.

The Romans began to make glass and mold it into things whenever it was still warm by blowing air into a blowpipe, thus the term glass blowing. This simpler and cheaper process is still used today by many glassblowers to make several different things such as glass pipes and bongs that are used for smoking. The only difference in the glassblowing process today is that glassblowers do not have to mold their own glass. Instead, they use materials such as Pyrex, which is already made and only requires one to proceed with the heating and the blowing technique. Today, it is also much easier to heat up the glass. People can use things such as flamethrowers in order to heat up the glass or Pyrex, depending on which product is being used at the moment, to the appropriate temperature. After it is heated up to the appropriate temperature, the glass blower can blow into the blowpipe and make several different designs. There are many other things that have changed in the glass blowing pipes and bongs process over time.

Similar to how the process of glassblowing has changed and evolved over time, the designs of the glass pipes and bongs have changed and evolved over time as well. Glassblowers typically will make their glass pipes and bongs based on what is popular at the moment. They do this so that they can be sure that they will make a decent amount of money off of their hard work. Glass pipe and bong evolution occurs whenever one of two things occur. The first thing that could cause a design to evolve is a demand for a pipe or bong that supports a certain type of smoking.

For example, recently there has been a high demand for glassblowers to make pipes and bongs for dabbing, which is a smoking technique. Since this type of pipe or bong is in such high demand, it is considered to be “on trend” in the markets. Visit Bongoutlet website which features beautiful glass pipes & bongs – see how amazing the glass blowing art can be!

According to the theory that glassblowers make whatever is trending or in demand, one could easily predict that pipes and bongs will evolve to support the dabbing trend. The second occurrence that would cause a glass pipe or bong to evolve is competition among glassblowers. Again, it is all about making that happy buck.